Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding makeup tips

I did my own makeup when I got married many years ago.
If you plan on doing your own makeup for your wedding day, this is a great idea. Go to a professional make up artist and get your makeup done before just as a walk through for the big day. It will give you a boost for your wedding day and every day makeup.
Eye brows, spend the money to get them shaped by a professional a few days before your wedding.
Also, make sure to take a picture with your makeup to see how some pictures turn out. Mineral makeup is usually not great for photographs.
Here are some cool wedding hair pieces I found on etsy.
Romantic white lace band

The Oceana

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  1. Thanks a bunch, and excellent advice for brides-to-be who have enough on their minds to have to worry about doing their own styling. Plus it's always nice to feel pampered before a big event!

  2. Very Cool! Every bride deserves a professional make-up job! If one can't afford get the girlfriends to rally to pamper the bride on her big day:)


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