Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Accessorize with SHOES

Every bride needs them.
Not every bride finds the right ones for her.

I'm Kristi from NorthwykeCreations, and as an upcoming bride myself, I've been embroiled in the Great Wedding Shoe Hunt, and I want to share some of my most favorite sources with you!

How about some French Revolution style?

These gorgeous, upcycled flats are made by OxfordHeaven, and are jaw-droppingly gorgeous! She does custom work, so stop by her Etsy shop and show her some love!

Floral Fantasy

NoraKaren does some amazing artwork on her shoes, and in all sorts of styles! Check it out, and prepare to be stunned!

Shoe Clips

VespertineHollow makes some really gorgeous pieces that could be turned into shoe clips!

And I can't help but to share some of my off-Etsy sites for shoe possibilities as well!

PinupGirlClothing.com has the most awesome selection of pinup girl shoes!

And of course, ModCloth has a really sweet collection:

Thanks for reading, and I hope I was able to give you some ideas for one of the hardest-to-choose parts of your wedding outfit!


  1. What girl doesn't LOVE shoes!! Great posting!

  2. so fun! thanks for featuring me!

    Oxford Is Heaven

  3. Shoes - some of the best porn ever :)

  4. thanks a lot honey,I just saw this post and I absolutely love it!


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