Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Offbeat wedding planning, free Google wedding organizer, Post your wedding theme

To help you with planning and organizing your wedding, here is a free wedding planner to stay organized.
Google Wedding Planning
Simplify wedding planning
Explore how Google’s free tools can help you save time, stay organized and have fun while planning your big day.

One of your main wedding check list items is a theme? Once, you have picked your theme you are ready to plan your wedding. I had a Vegas wedding which was red and black. Tell me or show me your wedding theme? Post pictures please!

This is a cute idea for wedding favors, I found this on etsy here
This listing is for ten 2 1/4 inch pocket mirrors. Each one is hand-pressed, using a genuine glass mirror and designer paper which is protected by a thin layer of mylar(plastic).

This pretty mirror is the perfect size to keep in your purse, desk, or pocket for quick makeup and hair checks.

Check out my shop here on etsy, MsFormaldehyde
As always please email me if you have any questions or suggestions!

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  1. Hi! I checked out your Esty site and loooove it! Although the zombie and skull type look won't really fit with my wedding theme, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find something that does :o)

    We are having a "shabby chic day in the forest, in the 50's" theme. I know its a big mouthful for a theme and incorporates a lot, but to me it sounds perfect and is a wonderful reflection of my character and somewhat of my fiancé's. We are non traditional, playful and don't take ourselves too seriously at all. We are aiming to spend as little as possible and so a lot will be DIY and junk/op shopping.

    If you'd like to hear/see more perhaps you can pop over to my very, very new blog, http://rain-in-a-teacup.blogspot.com/ which i promise to add to soon and lots!


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