Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Delight Worthyn - The new face of fashion

wearable art hats and accessories
Delightworthyn ART/wares
I would like to introduce to you Delight Worthyn (real name unknown).  Our lovely uber creative team member and Twitter director of the Offbeat Etsy Weddings team.  She fearlessly tweets to our masses (don't laugh we know we are new) using the handle @Offbeatweddings.  Delight Worthyn is a re-fashion designer of period piece hats and jewelry.  Check out her Etsy shop here.
Vivienne Westwood   Photo credit Royalwedding2011news.com
Delight Worthyn has a personal style that isn't directed by fads or wild trends.  She loves Vivienne Westwood.  Like the famed Westwood she designs with a flamboyant touch.

Neo Victorian Bonnet
Our mysterious DelightWorthyn
Our mysterious maven of millinery masterpieces wearing one of her own creations.  Amazingly she is also self taught.  Wowee!

1910 August McCall's Magazine
Her re-fashioned designs are inspired by the Regency -1920 periods.  Her favorite is 1910.  Not sure what I mean by re-fashioned?  To re-fashion is to create new designs out of previously loved fabrics or clothing.  Each item is then cleaned, the seams ripped out and reused.  An amazing Eco friendly choice that although helps with your carbon footprint probably won't cost you less than your other clothing purchases.  Re-fashioned is designer wear.

thift store finds
Happiness in a machine - Refashionconfidential
Visit her personal blog Refashionconfidential.wordpress.com for more tidbits about re-fashioned style.  This post on a vintage Singer sewing machine is a favorite of mine.  You can see the passion she carries for her work.


  1. Love that old vintage sewing machine!!!! :)

  2. DW is a talented artist for sure - and marking her path for sustainability in a modernized world is golden path to follow with her art.

  3. A woman of mystery!That's moi.
    The machine is 1926 and I bought it for 14.99 at Goodwill.
    My given name is Delight.It was my great grandmother's name.


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