Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keep It Bright!

Yellow is the color of summer.  It is easy to keep your wedding bright with pops of yellow in unexpected places.  The Etsy Wedding Team (our sweet sister) provides classic and sometimes untraditional options.  Here are a few of my favorites!!!!
Superman Inspired Garter in Red, Yellow, and Royal Blue Satin by sugarplumgarters on Etsy
Superman Garter by Sugar Plum Garters

Couture Clay - Custom Order Deposit for Clay Wedding Bouquet
Clay Bouquet by DK Designs Hawaii

Wedding Guest Book Box - Chrysanthemum Design

Shoes Bridal and matching Clutch CHARTREUSE Set Painted purple peacock
Painted Bridal Shoes and Bag by Nora Karen
Ruffled Collar Dress
Ruffled Collar Dress by Amanda Archer

Krissy Cartwright
Make Believe'N Wedding Alternatives LLC

Friday, May 27, 2011

Carnival Themed Weddings - A Break from the Traditional

It’s summer time and you know what that means!

The carnival is coming to town and you have a wedding to plan :)

Themed weddings can be a break from the traditional church going crowd.

Imagine having a Pie-in-your-Face stand instead of the traditional smearing of the cake all over your significant other. Or how about fresh popped popcorn as a welcome munchie? We know the birdies like it better than rice.

From the invitations to the person who pronounces you husband and wife (or ringmaster and ringmistress) you can have a themed wedding to fill your carny desires!

Fabulous Hair from PuppyCatMeow

Carny Masque from ArtisanMaskers

Exotic Snake Charmer/Queen from MoonshineBaby

Tiny Topper for the Ring from DelightWorthy

Stephanie Farley

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspired Offbeat Etsy Wedding Ideas - Team Challenge

Enjoy this treasury of Offbeat Etsy Wedding Team members as they strut their stuff for our latest challenge :)

Each inspired creation is a live, clickable link to each featured shop.

Stephanie Farley
La Coco Rouge, LLC

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY Photo Props

Carnival Printable PHOTO BOOTH PROPS Customizable - printable download pdf
Carnival Printable Package by Paper and Cake
Okay so you can go out an buy amazing top of the line, high quality photo props for your special day a ton of moola by buying 'printable' props.  I mean come on!!  Are you really going to remember them anyway?  More than likely the person in charge of collecting the props will have had one too many and will not remember. Save yourself the embarrassing conversation later and just do these DIY props :)
UNG DRILL Frame black Width: 23 ¼ " Height: 33 ½ " Picture, width: 15 ¾ " Picture, height: 19 ¾ "  Width: 59 cm Height: 85 cm Picture, width: 40 cm Picture, height: 50 cm
Ikea Mirror

Deep Thoughts - Rectangle
Deep Thoughts Rectangle by Goldylocks

Smiley Faces - Lips Printouts by Holly McCaig
Pink Ink Studios

All of those are great DIY printable props but just in case your printer sucks or you just don't have time for DIY these are a cute and still reasonable alternative!!!!

Photobooth Mustache on a stick and Lips and Glasses and bowties PARTY PACK
Photobooth Party Pack

Krissy Cartwright
Make Believe'N Wedding Alternativess LLC

Gold and Silver Hour - A Collection

'Gold & Silver Hour' by MoonshineBaby

Pretty shiny things for the magpie in us all! Spend that special day feeling treasured in resplendent in gifts of silver & gold! For more unique wedding ideas, visit the Offbeat Etsy Weddings Team blog:

Wings of Time - Ste...

giant Hood silver L...

Shoes,Bridal,Fall W...

Statement Bridal Be...

grey corset overbus...

Oh Honey. Silkscree...

Black and white orc...

Confucius - Orienta...

Steampunk brooch bo...

Bridal Birdcage Vei...

Gold Dust Falls CUS...

Custom Flower Girl ...

Handmade Grey Hair ...

The Dillon Boutonni...

Hip Steampunk Mens ...

Black and Gold Feat...


Friday, May 20, 2011

Offbeat and Traditional Wedding

Maybe you’re one of those brides who come from a very conservative family and so you are compelled to have a traditional wedding even though you really want to have a something a bit different. The good news is you can have offbeat wedding while keeping your tradition! How? Simply put a twist to it.  Make your wedding fun by adding an offbeat touch!


 Wedding Dress: You can have long traditional wedding gown with a twist…make your gown more interesting by using a vibrant colour for the petticoat.  Wouldn’t be so fantastic if your favourite colour is peeking out from under your white long gown while you’re walking down the aisle?


Veil. Instead of wearing a traditional veil be more flirty and fun and wear a sexy fascinator instead. 

Bouquet. Get a stunning paper flower bouquet that will last a lifetime! Aside from that it’s really unique and it’s very eco friendly too!

Accessories. Be more adventurous! Instead of wearing traditional pieces of jewelry try using unique and exciting accessories.  

   Shoes. You can never go wrong with white shoes for a wedding. However you can add more pizzazz to your outfit by wearing colourful, sexy shoes! Pair it up with a delicious matching purse!

Wedding Reception. First dance as a couple, toast, groom removing and throwing the bride’s garter, brides throwing a bouquet, etc.etc…You can still have traditional wedding reception just add a little something special to it. You can make your reception a celebration to remember by using unique, fun signs and banners!

Integrating offbeat touches in your traditional wedding ceremony is very easy. Just think outside of the box and be bold and creative.

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