Thursday, March 24, 2011

Light up your nights with luminaries

The days are getting longer but when night arrives it is balmy and peaceful.  Lighting a wedding ceremony and reception with luminaries gives a romantic, almost ethereal quality.  The dinner glasses full of ice sparkle.  Every guest looks kind and rosy cheeked.  Candle light flickers, giving you a hint that there is something magical just outside of your field of vision.  I love that glow.  Here are some wonderful Etsy finds for you.  
Twinkle and glimmer on!
illuminera luminary in ivory white and yellow
Three Lunar White Waldorf Star Lanterns
Green Baboon Designs
Modern Circles Cut Table Number Tents or Luminaries
Mason Rabbits Paperie
Honey Amber Rose Garden Pillar - 3x6 inch, Pure Beeswax, Multi-color Rose Petals, One-of-a-Kind, Gift-wrapped
Forest Candle Studios

1 set of 12 Madison Damask Vase Wraps for wedding, candles, decor, parties.
Damask Diva

Make Believe'N Wedding Alternatives LLC

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