Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedding gown style - Bye Bye Strapless Gowns

Okay you might think I'm a little odd because I don't care for strapless gowns.  I like the texture and style that fabric on shoulders can add to a dress.  The New York city bridal market has been going on this weekend and to my shock and awe, there are fewer strapless gowns than the styled gowns.  Yippee!!!  Here are of few of my favorites found on Twitter and Martha Stewart's bride guide.  I cannot get enough of Fancy!!! 

Mens wear inspired
Grecian by Matthew Williamson

Carolina Herrera
If you are going strapless try an untraditional approach with this black and white number.

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  1. Huge style improvements! Once Princess Kate walks down the aisle in NOT a strapless there will be more!

  2. These dresses are GORGEOUS!!! I'm with you Krissy on 'YAY' for the strapless gown leaving the scene. I think the last seven years of weddings I've been to all the brides have been in strapless.

  3. So happy to hear this.I have always disliked them so YAY!


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