Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From Classical and simplistic to Offbeat over the top Gowns

It turns out  that a white wedding dress is a relatively new tradition and Queen Victoria wore one in 1840 being the first bride to wear white at a time when any color was acceptable except black.
Trends changed in many ways from color to style. From fabrics like lace,embroidery and real stones to tafetan,silk,crystals ,rhinestones and beads.

Great and small budgets, private cozy ceremony to monumental crowded affairs.
Gowns are always at the center stage and the generators of a gigantic business that used to be in the past only the ownership of a good seamstress ,mostly friend of the family.
This collection of gowns starts from simple white and very monarchic to  my favorite and last Peacock  wedding dress made entirely out of peacock feathers. This unique dress was featured March 28, 2009, the dress is adorned with 60 Hetian jades and costs an estimated $1.4 million USD. The dress is composed of 2009 peacock feathers and required 8 craftsmen 2 months to finish!

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