Friday, April 29, 2011

Reasons to Choose an Offbeat Wedding

       Offbeat weddings are becoming more of a trend. More and more brides choose to celebrate their weddings in very unique ways.  However, Offbeat weddings are not for the fainthearted.  The majority of brides still choose traditional weddings because they think it’s less risky and therefore less "disaster prone". In traditional wedding, there is certain pattern you should follow and a tradition to comply with. Thus some brides try to play it safe by choosing a traditional wedding instead. Offbeat does not necessarily translate to a risky wedding. It is just simply different. Here are just some reasons why you should not be daunted by an offbeat wedding:

1.    It’s unique. Perhaps some women chose an offbeat wedding because it offers them the chance to express their style and personalities. You can choose a theme in a traditional wedding but it limits you because you have to comply with certain tradition. When you choose an offbeat wedding you can express yourself better. You can have a theme of your choice. You can choose an eccentric veil, gothic fascinators and accessories, even a black wedding dress, or whatever unusual theme you want!

                          Purple Birdcage Veil Bandeau by Rtisan     

                     Black feather fascinator by Msformadehyde

    Wedding dress inspired by Dracula’s long lost love, Mina. by Bite Me Couture

2.    It’s affordable.  An offbeat kind of wedding gives you more freedom to choose what to or not to include in your wedding celebration. It’s up to you if you want to have an expensive long white gown or an affordable funky vintage dress. You can also choose not to have an entourage so you do not need to rent their dresses. You can also skip the fancy big reception and choose a private intimate dinner with your loved ones instead. You can even use recycled materials for your wedding. If you really take a look at it, an offbeat wedding can better help you cost-cut than a traditional one.  

                                         Recycled headpiece by Delightworthyn

                                         Vintage wedding dress by Amanda Rose Bridal

3.    It’s fun. Offbeat wedding is really cool! It’s something you will enjoy planning and having.  It will be less stressful than a traditional wedding where you need to plan so many things.  In offbeat wedding YOU choose everything. It will ignite your creativity and allow you to do your own thing on your special day.

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