Friday, April 1, 2011

Short wedding hair - All style no fuss

Traditional wedding hair is long locks pinned up into elaborate styles.  Many women today choose to leave the long locks at the salon and opt for shorter more styled manes.  Here are a handful of examples of what short wedding hair can look like.   Bonus you might not need a hairstylist on your wedding day.  This would save you some moola and mental energy for planning.
40's style Vintage Glamor by VanHatten Photography
Rachael McAdams with a choppy bob in an Elle magazine spread

Keira Knightley with a Pixie cut

Katie Holmes with a smooth Pixie

Make Believe'N Wedding Alternatives LLC


  1. Rachel McAdams is gorgeous and that choppy bob would look super good with a short 50s style wedding dress.

  2. I love the short hair styles! I wish I could wear them....or should I say, I wish that if I had one I would take the time to actually style it!!

  3. I've always found Audrey Tautou a great inspiration for those who have wavy hair and still want it short!


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