Friday, April 29, 2011

Etsy Wedding Team Royalty

Our not so twisted sister Etsy Weddings Team has the traditional royal accouterments for a super classy yet stunning wedding. You don't have to be a royal to enjoy or afford these amazing pieces.
Candace sweetheart pink rose bridal bouquet - French beaded flower bouquet with Crystal/Silk flowers and heavenly feathers
BeadFloraJewels Bouquet

NEW- Forever Spring - Roses and Daisies Bridal Bouquet - Handmade pure dupioni silk flowers and sparkling rhinestone brooches - One of a kind creation SPECIAL PRICE
Duponi Silk Bouquet by HairbowsWonderWorld
PRECIOUS - Couture Bridal Hat
Bridal Hat by PowderBlueBijoux

TAMARA Silk Chiffon Bridal Clutch Handbag Purse
Chiffon Bridal Clutch by BellesandCrystals
Grey Diamond Engagement Ring - Designer Bow Ring with Black and White Diamonds - Wedding Set -  LS794
Grey Diamond Bow engagement ring by Laurie Sarah

Make Believe'N Wedding Alternatives LLC


  1. Those bouquets are stunning!! There are so many incredible bouquets on Etsy I don't know how I could ever choose just one. Maybe a bride can carry one down the aisle, another one back down the aisle leaving the altar and a different one into the reception. What about different ones for the photos too!!

  2. Gorgeous bouquets! The beaded flowers are extraordinary!


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