Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lianna and Darwin - Engagement Photos

I'm shooting my friends wedding in April so last week we went to take some engagment photos. Lianna, the bride-to-be, is a glam girl and loves vintage but she and her groom wanted offbeat backgrounds for the photos. However, Lianna's mom wanted some traditional backgrounds for the grandma's. I decided on Irwindale and Duarte, California. Irwindale has a lot of industry and Duarte is a great suburb with a lovely trail full of trees and a little bridge! Both parties, the couple and the granny's, were happy with the results!!
Here are a few of our offbeat and traditional photos for you to see what you prefer.

These wonderful pinwheels are so fun and whimsical. They were courtesy of Kellee from Rule42 on Etsy.
She has ready made pinwheels and also takes custom orders!
Click on her shop name or one of these photos to check out these great offbeat wedding pinwheels!

Near the bridge where we took photos was this electronic-gadet-guy shop. Two guys own it and moved their original shop in Pasadena here. They allowed us to take photos in the store and before exiting I just had to get them in a photo to remember their kindness!

This next one is taken at a trucking yard. We drove in off the main street and were able to get a few great shots before we were kicked out by the security guard!

And lastly this was some sort of 'fencing' guarding who knows what but I was charmed immediately when I saw it so we pulled over and jumped out of the car. As I photographed the kids there was no shortage of whistles and cat calls from passing cars!

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