Friday, February 4, 2011

Did Someone Say CHOCOLATE???

I've attended my fair share of weddings and always looked forward to what kind of cake will be served!
This is a concern for me since I think nothing less than chocolate should be served. Of course, this is very
narrow minded on my part, but if it's not chocolate....I'm not interested.
I can love you to death as a friend, cousin or even sister....but I want something chocolate at your wedding.

With that in mind I have created the most perfect, offbeat dessert selection for the next wedding I'm invited to. Or perhaps, for your offbeat wedding you would like try this out.

What else....but a chocolate bar! Candy bars have become quite popular the last few years but I have yet to see an all chocolate bar. I'll dream about it until I do!!

Calabasas Candy Co offers some amazing red chocolate hearts drizzled with white chocolate!!

And check out these Raw Organic Rose Petal chocolates from Earth Alchemy!!

Here is a Nautical Assortment of Seashells from Sweet Leslie 540 for your beach wedding!

And for true chocolate lovers like myself, we could blindly find the chocolate, but for a bit of whimsy you could add a chocolate sign like this one from Signs By Diane!

All of these wonderful treasures are sold on Etsy and if you click on the photo or shop name it will take you to more information about each product.


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