Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tressa the Hairdressa makes DIY wedding hair a possibility

It is no secret that I am a casual girl.  See my previous posts for proof ;)  So, the very idea of doing my own hair outside of a rubber band or that jaws clippy thingy is daunting to say the least.   Bleh!  That is until... Tressa the Hairdressa from Puppycatmeow introduced me to custom colored DIY hair that takes seconds and looks FABULOUS (with a southern gay man's accent).
Large Bridal Wedding Up Do filler wig hair extension custom to your hair color
Chignon wig hair extension by Puppycatmeow
The chignon (absolutely, do not ask me how to pronounce that) wig hair extension is shockingly similar to my professionally done wedding hair.  Luckily, whomever buys this hair confection won't have to deal with the countless bobby pins that took me 15+ minutes to remove on my wedding night (oh so romantic, NOT).  The detailed instructions prove to be simple enough even for me and my not so nimble fingers.

Great selection of colors to choose from
Large Bridal Wedding Up Do filler wig hair extension custom to your hair color
Easy instructions

But let's say you love the idea of styling your hair into elaborate creations but lack the skill (I might be projecting here) or the time.  Well then, Puppycatmeow still has the perfect products for you. Each style is made of high quality synthetic hair that feels just like the real thing.  Got highlights?  No problem!  Every order is custom.  

Tressa's 20 years of hairstyling experience have taught her how to make a woman feel like the most amazing creature on the earth, without the pain and suffering (I know, projecting again) that are required for great hair.  Don't forget to check out her fantasy line as well.   He'll never knew what hit him when Princess Leia walks in.
3 Petite rosettes to add interest to everyday hair
Braided bun covers


  1. I love these. I'm really really hoping that someone gets me the colored hair stripe thingys which are ion my list!

  2. How gorgeous...I want my long hair back :-)

    Have a great day, cheers: Evi


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