Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Adventure of a Honeymoon

It’s your honeymoon and the sky is lit pink with the rising sun. Outside, the first calls of the waking birds slowly transition into a choir of song. The smell of clear clean air is all around. You get up, open the door, and step outside your camper van into the gorgeous expanse that is New Zealand. 

Lately, I have been on a serious Lord of the Rings kick. Once again, I’ve watched the trilogy marathon style and my love for adventure and nature has kicked into high gear. So, I started looking up trips to New Zealand (who wouldn’t fall in love with those high peaks, the raging rivers, the ocean waters, and those wide expanses of land?)... And I came across camper adventure trips, and thought- Wow! This would be such an amazing honeymoon! Imagine, you and your brand new spouse (yay!) going on your honeymoon in the land of the kiwis, adventure style- you go where you want to, stay for how long you want to, explore unbelievable lands of beauty, all the while taking your room with you. Find yourself exploring the mountains, kayaking down rivers and on the waves of the South Pacific, having romantic picnics with gorgeous vistas, finding those secret spots for your “memorable moments” (hey, it’s your honeymoon- right?)...

Several different travel companies offer some really fun choose-your-own-adventure trips. The basic premise behind this is that they rent you a camper van, and off you go exploring your honeymoon, your way, your unique style. 

Here are some great options to get your trip started:

Make your honeymoon a unique memory to last a lifetime!

This post is courtesy of Glenda from Midnightboudoir on Etsy.

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