Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!!

Who wants cake?? It might be just easier to ask ‘Who doesn’t want cake?’ and you’ll certainly have fewer hands raised. The vast majority of us just love cake and want to have the best tasting (and looking) cake at our wedding. Whether it be in the form a square, circle, tiers, cupcakes, brownies, rice crispie treats or cake pops (yes, those do exist!) we want the most delicious and memorable. But for those who don’t enjoy cake as the rest of us do there is always the visual appeal of the decorations on a cake.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of the cake boss you will agree fully that the designs they come up with just WOW you. They build cake cities, cake railroads, cake seascapes, cake guitars and even cake hot dogs!! Perhaps you don’t want to go that offbeat but you would like something more than just a traditional wedding cake. Well, you can play it safe but still leave them talking with an offbeat cake topper.

These are some of our favorites we found while cruising through Etsy!!


  1. Fun!

    The cake pops amaze me - we need a cake pop team member!

  2. I am seriously just waiting to figure out what my dress and my beau's outfit are going to look like to order that Weddings & Wire topper!

    So unbelievably fabulous...and most fiancé loves it too!!! And it is made with guitar strings - for real - which, of course, made him think it was even more awesome!


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