Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Whether you are planning your wedding in two weeks or in twelve months we all start from the same place….we need inspiration!

Do you want a beach theme or perhaps a rustic garden wedding? Or maybe you want high glamour with a touch of childhood innocence. What is your groom’s opinion? Maybe he wants to don a top hat in a Steampunk wedding or just to wear his khaki shorts and flip flops!

There are so many different directions to go in that it helps to get focused from the start. That way then, as you get more stressed with what needs to be done you will still have clear in mind what direction you are going.

Something that can prove to be very effective in getting focused is an ‘Inspiration Board’ or book. I’ve done this before in redecorating a room. There are so many great styles to go with but which one will I be happiest with. We all like varied styles but there usually is something we like the best. But at times with so many choices (like wedding dresses for instance) we have a difficult time choosing what it is we like the best. So gather up magazines that you don’t mind tearing pages out of. Peruse each magazine and take out the pages that catch your eye the most. Ones that make you ohh and ahh!! Even if this takes a couple of days to do it will be worth it! Once you have all the pages then get a large white board with magnets or corkboard and put the pages up side by side. (You can even just tape them to the wall or get a journal and paste them inside – if you have a little extra time to put one together).

Now your Inspiration Board is together….what do you like? Do you lean toward bright colors? Black and white? Goth? Muted neutrals? Sea shells?
Clock gears? Alice in Wonderland? Whatever it is, you should have a pretty clear picture of what tops your list!

Keep referring back to your board with each day you go wedding shopping.
Whether it is from the comfort of your own home browsing ETSY or to your local bakery you will be reminded of what you really love and won’t purchase something just because you got caught up in the moment!

You can also add pictures from Etsy to your Inspiration Board….these are some treasures from Etsy that I would include in mine!! (It's obvious by these choices what I lean towards!)






  1. Great idea. I'm also a huge fan of postit notes.

  2. good ideas! Thanks for including my veil kits too :)


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