Friday, May 20, 2011

Offbeat and Traditional Wedding

Maybe you’re one of those brides who come from a very conservative family and so you are compelled to have a traditional wedding even though you really want to have a something a bit different. The good news is you can have offbeat wedding while keeping your tradition! How? Simply put a twist to it.  Make your wedding fun by adding an offbeat touch!


 Wedding Dress: You can have long traditional wedding gown with a twist…make your gown more interesting by using a vibrant colour for the petticoat.  Wouldn’t be so fantastic if your favourite colour is peeking out from under your white long gown while you’re walking down the aisle?


Veil. Instead of wearing a traditional veil be more flirty and fun and wear a sexy fascinator instead. 

Bouquet. Get a stunning paper flower bouquet that will last a lifetime! Aside from that it’s really unique and it’s very eco friendly too!

Accessories. Be more adventurous! Instead of wearing traditional pieces of jewelry try using unique and exciting accessories.  

   Shoes. You can never go wrong with white shoes for a wedding. However you can add more pizzazz to your outfit by wearing colourful, sexy shoes! Pair it up with a delicious matching purse!

Wedding Reception. First dance as a couple, toast, groom removing and throwing the bride’s garter, brides throwing a bouquet, etc.etc…You can still have traditional wedding reception just add a little something special to it. You can make your reception a celebration to remember by using unique, fun signs and banners!

Integrating offbeat touches in your traditional wedding ceremony is very easy. Just think outside of the box and be bold and creative.

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  1. thanks for adding my shoes..I love the whole collection!


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